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Testimonials from our clients

Please see the responses from our clients rating our offering in the Feedback Survey & Review- May 2009

Has our ongoing service been in line with your expectations? How would you rate our accessibility and promptness?

“Service has exceeded my expectations. Rating = Excellent “- Wealth Accumulator Late 30’s

Would you recommend Critique to your family, friends or colleagues? If so, what elements of our service led you to this path?

“Yes, Critique get to understand its clients and gives appropriate advice to suit the client, no matter who the clients are.” – Wealth Accumlator Late 30’s

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Did Critique handle your initial enquiry effectively and efficiently?

“Yes, my husband and I are very happy with the service we are receiving from Jason Abrahams and Robert Wolski. Informative and efficient.”- Retiree

Do you feel you have been informed of the developments in financial markets and legislative changes since becoming a client of Critique? What areas have you gained a greater depth of knowledge? Are you still unsure of any areas if your financial life?

“Yes, Jason and Robert email us very frequently with any changes or information that they think would be of interest to us. Especially diversification and risk protection, they are very thorough and well informed”- Retiree

Are you confident that as a result of the advice you will sucessfully achieve the goals and objectives described in your Statement of Advice? Would you be comfortable with further analysis in this area? Have your goals and objectives changed significantly since we created your financial strategy?

“Very confident that everything is being done to achieve our goals and objectives as discussed at our first meeting, even with the current world-wide financial problems”- Retiree

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